The Power of Discipline

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So you have your major focus and you now know what to do if you get stuck. If you don’t, go back and read the previous blog posts this week.

Now it’s time to apply some good ole fashion discipline.

Discipline is the bridge that leads you from where you are today to whatever you are going after.

If you want to get in shape?

You need the discipline of being mindful of what you eat and the discipline of regular and consistent workouts.

If you want to save more money?

You need the discipline of creating a financial budget and the discipline of sticking to your budget.

If you want to meet that special someone?

You need the discipline of meeting new people who might potentially be a match for you.

No matter what it is you are looking for this year, it’s not going to happen without you engaging in discipline.

So how do you be more disciplined in your life?

One of the best ways that I found to exercise more discipline is to have some form of accountability built in.

For most people, no one has to tell you to go to work every day.

You have the discipline to show up to work each day because your job has an accountability mechanism built in.

That mechanism is your Supervisor.

If you don’t show up to work, your supervisor is going to know this and then your job will be at risk.

What you want to do is build accountability into whatever your focus is.

What are some ways you can build accountability into your major focus this year?

Are you looking to lose weight? Maybe you can get a workout partner who will go to the gym and work out with you?

Maybe you can hire a personal trainer?

One of the activities that I’m committed to in order to achieve my major focus is this blog and podcast.

So what I did was I posted in several social media groups that I’m a part of, my commitment to do a podcast and blog post once per day.

Knowing that I put this out there, it helps me when I don’t feel like doing it to keep going and do it.

It also helps when I fall off track to get back on track and keep going.

Another excellent strategy that will really help you is to hire a coach.

Most of the successful people have a coach.

The top athletes of the world have a coach.

The top entertainers in the world have a coach.

The top business people in the world have a coach.

The top ministry leaders in the world have. a coach.

I have several coaches for different areas of my life.

I also coach others, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you can schedule a free coaching session with me. Simply visit to book your session.

Discipline is the key to reaching your major focus and accountability is the fuel that powers discipline.

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