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In the first weekend of October 2020, I attended an online convention hosted by Love Thy Nerd. They are a fantastic organization whose mission is to be the love of Jesus to nerd culture. I love Jesus and I’m a nerd so it wasn’t very difficult for them to convince me that I wanted to be a part of whatever they were doing.

I had the good fortune of being able to connect with back in May of 2019 where I attended a live conference hosted by Urban Youth Workers Institute. They are also a fantastic organization whose mission is to support leaders of urban youth. As a minister and someone who has invested over 20 years working with teenagers, it wasn’t very difficult for them to convince me that I wanted to be a part of whatever they were doing.

Anyway, at the online convention, we had the opportunity to play games.

A lot of games.

More games than I have ever played in a weekend in my entire life.

And I loved EVERY moment of it!

One of the games was a game called Commissioned. It was a Christian themed board game where you play the role of one of the Apostles and try to establish churches.

Now if you’re not a Christian, you might be rolling your eyes and I don’t blame you. Full disclosure, I roll my eyes at some things that have “Christian” themes myself.

Many times when you see that, it is basically a way for an inferior product to be able to stand out. The product isn’t as good as its secular counterparts but because it’s Christian, it can appeal to Christians and get by serving a niche.

However, I’m also a pretty open minded person about many things and one of the things that I was very intentional about this particular weekend was playing new games that I never played before.

So I signed up to play the game.

I ended up playing with Patrick Lysaght, who along with his wife Kat created the game. It was just us playing.

It’s usually not a good sign when you sign up to play a game and the only other person playing with you is the person who created the game!

However, again, I kept an open mind and we ended up playing the game.

I’m so glad I stuck with it! The game was SUPER FUN!!!!

First off, it is a cooperative based game. What that means is that all of the players who are playing, you are all working together to try and win the game. As opposed to playing each other and trying to beat each other.

Now, I’m super competitive. There’s nothing more fun than completely beating your opponent into submission!

With that said, my all time favorite game period is a cooperative based game as well. It’s called Dungeons and Dragons.

Anyway, this game was really fun and really well designed! You basically have these different scenarios where you’re trying to accomplish certain tasks.

In the scenario that we played, we were trying to get all of our Apostles and Missionaries back to Jerusalem from different parts of the world and collect all the books of the bible.

However, there are all these different objectives that pop up along the way and if you don’t address them, it gets harder and harder until eventually, they take you out.

That’s pretty much what ended up happening to us and we lost the game!

What’s great about it is you really don’t even need to be a Christian or even religious period to enjoy the game. It’s a fun game, well designed in and of itself.

Pat and Kat started designing games back in 2012. Pat is active duty in the military and Kat homeschools their three children. They worked on this game for a year. They are a perfect example of what stewardship of talents and skills looks like.

So when they created the game, they took it to game companies and pretty much were told the same thing.

We love the game. Change the theme to something non Christian and we will publish it.

None of them would publish the game the way they designed it.

Now what most people would do is just give up on their dream.

Not Pat and Kat. They decided to start their own company and publish the game themselves. In 2015 they launched the game on Kickstarter, got it funded by the third day and were able to get the game produced and out to over 400 people who backed the project.

While the project was for all intense and purposes a success, (they raised over $20,000), they still had to invest a lot of their own personal money in developing the game. The real costs was more in the neighborhood of $40,000.

That’s a huge investment in believing in yourself and your talents and skills!

This year they are launching an expansion to their game, called Commissioned: The Call! It adds new apostles, features, challenges and scenarios to the base game.

One of their big stretch goals was $35,000, which was $15,000 more than what they made from the first Kickstarter. The reason why this goal was significant was because if they hit this goal, it would allow them not only to be able to reprint the base game, but to make it available worldwide!

They were able to hit the stretch goal with 7 days to spare!

I share their story as a challenge to all of us. What ideas are you currently sitting on right now that you’re not implementing?

What talents and skills do you have that you’re not developing or using?

I had to look at myself first. As many things that I am doing there are a lot of things that I was sitting on as well.

I probably have at least 3 dozen ideas for podcast episodes on stewardship that I’ve been sitting on. So I know I need to get going and get these episodes out.

I felt so convicted too because within a span of a couple of weeks, I literally had two people who I don’t even know reach out to me either telling me how much they like the podcast or asking me when I’m going to do another episode.

As the great Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 3:13-14:

13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

King James Version

Let’s make sure that we are being good stewards and using our talents and skills to the best of our ability.

Had Pat and Kat not used their talents and skills to create this awesome game, I would have never had the opportunity to play it.

I would not have had the inspiration to cover this topic.

Only the annals of eternity will be able to truly measure how many people they have been able to impact by utilizing their talents and skills.

Only the annals of eternity will be able to truly measure how many people I have been able to impact by utilizing my talents and skills.

Only the annals of eternity will be able to truly measure how many people YOU have been able to impact by utilizing your talents and skills.

However, that’s only if you actually UTILIZE them!

If you’re interested in backing the project they have about 6 days left. Check out Commissioned – The Call!

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