Instagram Training – How To Be A Good Steward Over Your Instagram Account!

It was June 20th, 2020.

I was attending Crush It Live, a Virtual Online Event, hosted by Pedro Adao. It was a three day event teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses by hosting online challenges.

Pedro had a few people sharing their experiences with challenges.

There was one woman who spoke who caught my attention.

Her name was Olivia Anderson and there was just something about her that resonated with me.

So I reached out to her and shared with her how I was inspired by her story. We then became friends on Facebook.

Olivia is a single mom of four children.

She’s also a legitimate Jedi master when it comes to marketing on Instagram!

When she announced that she was hosting a free 5 day challenge sharing how she grew her Instagram account from zero to 140,000 followers, I knew that that was something that I had to take advantage of.

So I signed up and also took advantage of her VIP offer for $97.

I learned more about Instagram from that challenge then I learned in all of the years that I’ve had an Instagram account.

So I started utilizing the strategies that she taught me and I started getting more followers and more engagement than I’ve ever gotten before.

Now I know the keys to growing an Instagram account and it’s all thanks to Olivia!

Let’s talk about how to be a good steward over your Instagram account!

When it comes to Instagram accounts, we are stewards over those accounts. We are not owners.

Don’t believe me? Violate one of Instagram’s policies and watch how fast your account gets restricted.

Since we are stewards over these accounts and not owners, it is up to us to steward those accounts wisely so that we can get the benefits of using the platform.

Here are some strategies to help you to become a better steward over your Instagram account.

1 – Post Consistently

This was the first area that I was guilty of. I didn’t post to my Instagram account consistently. However, I was frustrated that my Instagram account wasn’t growing.

If you want your Instagram account to grow, you must post consistently.

Would you expect a plant to grow if you never watered it or provided it sunlight? Of course not.

Posting to your Instagram account is the water and sunlight that you provide to it that allows your account to grow and allows you to be able to extract value out of your account.

2 – Use Related Hashtags

When you are just getting your account started, your posts are limited only to the people that follow you. When they like your posts, it also allows a portion of the people that follow THEM to see your posts as well.

However, if you want your post to be seen by people who don’t follow you, you want to use hashtags.

Using hashtags have supercharged my engagement. I get 3 to 5 times the amount of likes and comments on my post since using hashtags.

There are people on Instagram who not only view posts listed under hashtags. Some even follow hashtags just like you follow accounts.

As such, if they come across your post they might like it and/or comment on it. They won’t be able to do this if you don’t use hashtags.

Instagram currently allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, so make sure you take advantage of this. I see people using like 4 or 5 hashtags. That’s a mistake. You’re not getting the type of exposure you could be getting.

However, don’t load your caption with a bunch of hashtags. Post a separate comment immediately after you make your post and put the hashtags in that separate comment.

3 – Like & Comment On Other People’s Posts

Hashtags are great and you definitely want to use them. However, that’s not the only way to get exposure.

Another way to get exposure is to actually take the time to like and comment on other people’s post.

Gary Vaynerchuk, author of the best selling book Crush It wrote an entire article about this. He calls it Leaving Your 2 Cents.

So when I saw that Olivia also mention the importance of doing this, I knew this was something I needed to start to employ on my account.

There are three places where I like and comment on posts in Instagram.

The first are posts from people that I’m following myself. Sometimes we get so caught up on trying to find new people that we forget the very people who are already following us. So I spend time each day liking and commenting on posts made by people who I’m already following.

The second are posts from the hashtags that I’m using. Since I’m already using these hashtags on my own posts, it only makes sense for me to use these hashtags to like and comment on other people’s posts as well.

The third is a strategy that I came up with myself that I found to be very useful as well. I have a group of influencers that I follow on Instagram who are followed by the type of people I am interested in attracting to The 10 Talents.

When these influencers make a post, I will like and leave a comment on their post. Then, I will take a look and see who liked that post. I’ll then go to their accounts and like and comment on a post that they made as well.

When I do this what happens is many of these people will come to my account and they will start liking and commenting on my posts as well. Some of them will even start following me too.

4 – Avoid Inauthentic Following

There are several examples of inauthentic following that I will encourage you to avoid.

Even if these strategies allow you to “get more followers” they don’t allow you to build a powerful community of people who truly know, like and trust you.

Avoid following people just to get them to follow you back and then unfollow them.

People who do this are selfish people who aren’t looking to add value. They are looking to extract value by giving nothing in return.

I’m a big believer in the principle of sowing and reaping. When you follow people to get a follow back and then unfollow them, you are attempting to reap where you have not sown.

Even if that produces results from you over the short term, long term this will not serve you.

Don’t get involve in these “follow trains” where a bunch of people agree to follow each other just for the sake of building followers. Only follow people who you are truly interested in following and engaging with.

Don’t buy fake followers and bots to inflate your numbers. People who know what they are doing can tell if your followers are fake.

I’ve seen people who have thousands of followers get less likes than me and I only have 900 followers. How is that possible?

It’s because they brought a bunch of fake followers, that’s why.

5 – Look For Opportunities To Do Deals

There are a number of deals that you can do to help grow your following on Instagram.

If there are people who have similar size of followers as you, reach out to them by DMing them and see if they would be interested in doing a shoutout exchange.

They can post a post to their stories or their feed shouting you out. You in turn post a post to your story or feed shouting them out.

If they have a larger amount of followers than you do, see if they will allow you to pay them for a shoutout.

By utilizing these principles, you will become a better steward over your Instagram account and you will get a lot more value out of it than you might currently be getting right now.

If you like these strategies, I highly encourage you to check out Olivia’s 5 Day Instagram Challenge! This is the same challenge that I participated in where I learned many of these concepts that I taught you today.

For example, did you know that there is a specific type of Instagram post that typically performs much better than all other posts?

I learned about it in the FIRST day of the challenge and if you sign up for the challenge you can learn

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