41 Years of Life

Yesterday I celebrated my 41st birthday!

I’m grateful for 41 years of life in this world. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be here for 41 years and I’m fortunate to be one of the ones that have. I don’t take it lightly and my goal is to do all that I can while I can to maximize whatever time I am given here.

That’s part of what this blog is all about.

Since none of us knows how much time we will be given in this world it is important that we steward the time that we do have in the most effective manner possible. We don’t own our lives. It is a privilege given to us by God.

One of the worst experiences in life is to have to live with regret. When you lament over what you would have done in the past, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to go back in time to change that.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells the parable about a rich fool. Let’s take a look at it in Luke 12:16-21

16 And He told them a parable, saying, “The land of a rich man was very productive. 17 And he began reasoning to himself, saying, ‘What shall I do, since I have no place to store my crops?’ 18 Then he said, ‘This is what I will do: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. 19 And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years to come; take your ease, eat, drink and be merry.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your soul is required of you; and now who will own what you have prepared?’ 21 So is the man who stores up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.” – Luke 12:16-21

Now first off, there’s nothing wrong with being rich. I would love to have that problem someday! The problem with this rich man is that he didn’t realize that he only had a limited amount of time on this earth. So instead of focusing on things that had lasting value, his focus was on things that only had value in the here and now. That’s why he is considered a fool.

In my previous blog post titled “I Am Tired In My Soul” I shared the story about a Pastor who recently announced to his congregation that he was taking a 4 month sabbatical away from ministry. I also talked about the gift of 86,400. Each of us have 86,400 seconds that we are giving each day to do with as we see fit.

As stewards over our time, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are making effective use of the 86,400 seconds each day that we are giving.

Does this mean that everything that we do during the day needs to be centered around a greater purpose? Not at all. We all need time to unwind and to engage in trivial manners that provide us a level of enjoyment.

However, I would challenge each of us, myself included to think about how we spend our 86,400 seconds and consider whether the way we are spending it has more value than the here and now.

Earlier this week my friend Tony Rush asked a question on his Facebook page. He asked “If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do for a profession? How different is that from what you do now? I thought that this was a very thought provoking question.

There were 27 comments made to that post. Out of all of those comments, 2 people said specifically that they would do the same thing that they are doing right now.

For the rest of us, this means that the only reason why we are doing what we currently do for a profession is because we have to worry about money. Speaking for myself, I can definitively tell you that I wouldn’t be doing what I do for a job right now. I don’t really like my job that much actually. The only reason why I do it is because it is the best resource that I currently have access to at the moment to consistently pay me the income that I need to be able to support my family.

With whatever time I have left, I want to figure out a way to break this code. There are basically two parts to the code I want to figure out.

The first one is how can I generate enough money bare minimum every two weeks to pay me the income that I need to be able to support my family doing something that is a lot more enjoyable than my current job? For example, I would love to be able to earn a living writing stuff like this and speaking to people about topics like this. There are currently people who do it who earn more money than what I earn from my job.

I run a fantasy sports league, I would also find it very enjoyable to be able to earn a living running leagues of that nature on a full time basis. So that’s the first part of the code.

The second part of the code is I would love to be able to position myself so that I wouldn’t need to have a profession at all if I so desired. My friend Eric White on his Facebook page shared a post about McDonalds. If you would have invested in enough shares back in 1966, for many of you just what you get back from your income tax check would have been enough, today that investment would be worth 15 million dollars and you would be earning $100,000 every three months in the form of a company dividend. While it would have taken 54 years to get to that point, most of us don’t need $100,000 every three months to support ourselves and our families.

By looking for ways to be able to support my family without having to work a job that I don’t like, this is how I can be a better steward over the time that has been allotted me. By looking for investments that can produce an income that continuously comes in whether I work or not, this is how I can position myself to be able to have the freedom to spend all 86,400 seconds of each day doing whatever I want. Or at the very least, if it’s too late for me, to be able to position my children or potentially grandchildren to be able to do that.

I don’t know how much time I have left. Maybe I have another 41 years or more! Maybe I don’t. For all I know, my soul could be required of me tonight.

I cannot go back into the past and change what happen. However, today is the past of my life 5, 10, 15 and 20 years from now. That’s something that I can control and something that I can do something about. What will you do to make sure that whatever time you have left is maximized?

Roosevelt Cooper – The10Talents.com

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